About Me

My name is Maureen Sky. I am a 65-year-old New England native. Currently retired, I reside in Bernardston, Massachusetts with my husband, Edward, and our male tiger cat, Grueby.

I am a mother of two (now adult) children and I have two grandchildren whom I adore very much. Throughout most of my life, I have been creative, always wanting to create something with my hands.

My first love was sewing, and then I ventured into gardening, crafts, cooking/baking, and painting.  I love painting, mixed crafts, watercolor, crafting, enjoying nature, and recycling. 

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Most recently (within the last five years), I shifted my creative endeavors toward writing. I enjoy writing poems and short stories. It was an entry into a poetry contest that got me wanting to take my poem a b​it further and create a whole story around it. The depression in writing carried me.

That is how my first published book came about (The Bling Fairies of Junkett Falls, published in 2014).   I was invited to attend a "Pitch Festival" held in Los Angeles, CA, (fall of 2014), where I got to pitch my book and story to the Hollywood Film Industry and meet 

the "King of Pitch", Robert Kosberg.  I had the best experience there and was totally in my element.  The second book, Discovering Locke, Trinket, and a Round House of Bees, is the second book in the Bling Fairy series and was just published in May 2017, and most recently, (Jan. 2018), "Kennedy and her Bink" was released and is available via Xlibris online bookstore.  My first two books are also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and E-Reader.

​I worked for more than 25 years for two separate public school systems within my area (clerical at the high school level). During that time when I was working with students, teachers, and administrators, I would get compliments for my writing ability by many professionals (something I never forgot). From this, along with my creative desires, I developed my writing skills and began to enjoy illustrating for my books, too.  My writing style tends to be more "off the cuff" as I like to stay present with my thoughts and let whatever comes to me flow among the pages of my written work.  I am a humorous one and enjoy sharing a good story and making others laugh (which I find comes naturally for me).  I enjoy finding the humor in simple things and try to convey to my readers that you don't need to be serious all the time, lighten up and try to find the humor as you navigate through this ever changing world we live in.  

Current Project

My 3rd book was just released (January 2018) "KENNEDY and her BINK", (written in English and Spanish and beautifully illustrated by Maricella Obando Moya).  Colorfully illustrated with 28 pages of illustration and text.  I am currently working on a couple of book projects that I am excited about: a story about an alien abduction aboard an old, popular merchant ship, and also a humorous story  in regard to various symbols we use on our everyday keyboard; colorfully  illustrated, as well.  

Future Goals

I aspire to write many more books for young readers and within the Bling Fairy series. However, I have ideas and hopes of publishing more books of other genres as well — perhaps a romance novel in addition to historical fiction; time will tell in that regard.  Book events, storytelling, visiting schools and libraries will fill up my agenda for the remainder of 2018 and I will be smiling each and every day!  May good health and longevity sustain me!  Check back often for updates.

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