Author of 3 books thus far, "Kennedy and her Bink", "Discovering Locke, Trinket, and a Round House of Bees", and "The Bling Fairies of Junkett Falls."  

Welcome to the website of Maureen Sky. I am the author of three published books, The Bling Fairies of Junkett Falls, and Discovering, Locke, Trinket, and a Round House of Bees (Middle Age Fantasy ages 9-12), and most recently (Jan. 2018) KENNEDY and her BINK (Juvenile ages 1-6) (due to its landscaped design, this book is only availabe via Xlibris online bookstore and available in hardcover, softcover and E-Reader).

I don't know about you, but have you ever gone to your jewelry box to find a piece of jewelry (knowing full well that when you left it last, it was nice and neat, and organized), only to find it all in a big tangled mess again?  "How does this happen?", you question.  Well, blame it on the Bling Fairies!

Bling fairies are little fairies that live and thrive out of our jewelry boxes in the land of "Junkett Falls."  Based in Bernardston, Massachusetts, I hope to publish more books in the future. Please browse the rest of this site for more details on my works.

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